The Canvas | Shefqet Avdush Emini

11 April 2011


Shefqet Avdush Emini is the first artist to represent BOA on posters, currently in London. The Kosovan born artist, now lives in Holland and works as a lecturer between painting his ‘figurative abstract expressionism.’ Shefqet has exhibited his beautiful oil-on-canvas masterpieces all over the world, including the Musée du Louvre, Paris.


What is your earliest artistic memory?
I was artistic at primary school.


What is the most exciting thing you have ever done?
A lot of things…


What has been your biggest mistake?
There have been a lot of mistakes!


Shefqet photo


Where is your favourite place, anywhere in the world?
I adore Vienna.


What is your favourite book?
Paolo Giordano - De eenzaamheid van de priemgetallen


What would you scribble on a wall of world’s greatest quotes?
Peace and love.


Who would you like to meet and what question would you ask?
Rembrandt van Rijn, I would ask "What do you think about the art of today?"


What would you define as ‘success’?
Always try your best.

What is your favourite art gallery or historical building?
Louvre in Paris.


What is your all time favourite movie?
I like to watch the Discovery channel.


Shefqet 02

If you could own any piece of artwork, what piece would it be?
It’s too difficult to choose.

If you could start your life all over, what would you do differently?
Many things.


What has been your best ever purchase?
The computer.

Shefqet 03

What is your favourite food?

What is your favourite season of the year and why?
Autumn, because of the beautiful colours.

Who is your favourite artist and why?
Rembrandt van Rijn, because as a child he was always my idol.


Shefqet 04

What are you most afraid of?
Earthquakes, fire, war.

What is your most prized possession?
My family.

What life lesson do you always stand by?
Be yourself.

If you had to give art students today some advice, what would it be?
Be free to show your feelings.


Shefqet Avdush Emini's artwork appears in Kennington station in London until 25th April.

From the top: Shefqet Avdush Emini with his artwork and a series of his untitled paintings.

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