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23 April 2014


Each moment dedicated to her passion is an enchanting and soothing interlude, stolen in the daily life of a 21st century which doesn’t really make her dream. Constantly searching the archives of the years 1920 to 1940, she explores this singular and romantic period, examines the decorations and poses, scrutinizes the famous or anonymous faces and crosses these looks as a witnesses of an era that fascinates her. It is probably in the same spirit that she loves to hunt around old objects, capturing the memories of others, and taking care of them as if they were hers. Each creation is a trip to the past, a nostalgic and exhilarating escape between Art Nouveau and Art Deco.           


Has your art or approach/method changed over the years and if so, how?
I always wanted to paint characters. Abstract forms and landscapes bore me and don’t give me any pleasure. Twelve years ago, I only painted portraits (heads), because nobody teached me; I didn't draw body, legs or hands. It was only in 2012 that I dared to try. Then everything changed, multiplied the possibilities, and for two years I have started enjoying so much more!


"Ballerines et Petit Rat"

What made you join Body of Art?
I discovered your site by chance, whilst I was looking for models.

What is your biggest ambition as an artist?
To progress some more in drawing, to continue to give pleasure to people through my art and to get exposed in Paris!

If you could own any piece of artwork, what would it be and why?
Possessions doesn't interest me; I would like to just have the chance to see some tables in real life (from artists such as Mucha, Modigliani, Fragonard).

What makes you laugh?
My cat. Every time I paint, she’s never very far, but she knows that walking on the canvas is absolutely forbidden!


What is the central theme of your work, do you have one?
Retro decorations, tales for children, pinups.

Which of your works is your favourite?
It is always difficult for me to choose a single work, I'm very attached to my paintings...'Les Fabulettes de Rette' brings together all the themes that inspire me: woman, poetry, stories for children, attics.


"Les Fabulettes de Rette"

What is your favourite word, the word you tend to use more often?

If you could choose any new skill that you could master, which would you choose?
I would like to be a musician.


"Sonate pour un Ange"

What makes you angry?
Human stupidity, cruelty to animals.

Who would you like to meet and what question would you want to ask them?
If I could meet David Bowie, I think I'd be so starstruck that I would not ask him anything.

What do you consider the greatest invention of all time?

What is your all time favourite movie or tv program?
The film "Modigliani" and the series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (I know, they are very different to each other!)

If you had to give art students today some advice, what would it be?
Keep yourself free, do not follow fashion, do not work on command, you'll be happier in your art if you listen only to yourself.

Where on the web can we find you?

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