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Phillippo and Phillippo| Art Below | 'Pop Up' | New Orleans | February 2012

Phillippo and Phillippo| Art Below | 'Pop Up' | New Orleans | February 2012

We are proud to announce that Phillippo and Phillippo are part of Art Below's "Pop Up" campaign which is taking place in New Orleans for the month of February 2012, specially planned to coincide with the legendary Mardi Gras which every year bring thousands of fun loving visitors to the city to join the celebrations.

Billboards throughout the city will display 20ft x 16ft original artworks by international artists. The original artworks will also be exhibited as part of the Art Below "Pop Up" Group Show for the month of February at Gallery Orange located in the world famous French Quarter.

There will be 2 private view events at Gallery Orange on 4th and 18th February.


phillippo trance tree


As part of the Art Below Billboard campaign billboards will be erected  in New Orleans:


Phillippo and Phillippo
 "We look for unique locations, full of character, history, and sexual ambience."

Where sexual identity finds a new dimension

A conceptual photograph, part of a series produced in correlation with the
conceptual sculpture 'Get yer ya-yas out!'
(Originally shown in the 2011 Phillippo and Phillippo solo exhibition 'All mouth, no trousers')

'If the curtain of illusion hides the dark light of reality,
why do we stand behind the curtain with eyes wide shut?'

The Big Belly Oak is one of the oldest trees in England. Its lichen-covered, twisted, gnarled, wrinkled trunk and branches have witnessed over a thousand years of English history.
 Since the time of William The Conqueror, the Royal Hunting Forest of Savernake has spawned the imagination. Those who live within Savernake talk of the tree and ghostly goings-on; witches covens, iron age temples and tales of eerie sounds coming from deep within the blackness of the forest.

According to local legend, the devil appears to anyone who dances naked at midnight twelve times anti-clockwise around the Big Belly Oak.

In 1535 Jane Seymour first met King Henry VIII while he was hunting with Sir John Seymour in the forest. Local tradition has it that King Henry proposed to Jane under the branches of the Big Belly Oak.


phillippo no tree





gallery orange logo


Exciting times for us "dauwn Sauth" because "Fest"  season is about to descend upon us : Mardi Gras, followed by French Quarter Fest in April and Jazz Fest, to name but a few.
For Mardi Gras month, Gallery Orange is proud to be hosting the US's first ever exhibition in conjunction with the London "Art Below" organisation during the month of February. 20 huge billboards city wide will be filled not with advertisements but with giant sized artworks from successful emerging and known worldwide artists and Gallery orange will display the small framed and original versions with 2 celebratory events Friday 3rd 6-9 and 18th 5-8pm. This programme has been run very successfully in undergrounds in London, Berlin and Japan and we are proud to be the first ever US city to run this above ground with this prestigious organisation.


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