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Adrian Wiszniewski

Adrian Wiszniewski

Main Image: Revolutionaires on The Beach | oil and oil pastel on canvas 158 x 237 cm (62 x 93 in) copyright Adrian Wiszniewski


The Albemarle Gallery opens an exhibtion on the 3rd February on the works of Adrian Wiszniewski.

Adrian Wiszniewski paints poetic yet idiosyncratic visions. Big pictures with big impact. Colourful fantasies of sunlit brilliance, overflowing patterns of people and panthers, mythic birds and beasts, the bright beauty of star flowers, trumpet lilies, chalice gold ranunculus, feathery green fronds, furled flags, midnight skinny dipping, and throngs of handsome, poised boys and girls, all, like Dorian Gray, eternally young.



Les Temps Perdus oil on canvas 122 x 91 cm (48 x 36 in) copyright Adrian Wiszniewski


For Wiszniewski has a distinctive, very personal take on life. His world is seen through a kalidoscope of stained glass. His paintings evoke the richness of medieval heraldry or illuminations, a sort of modern-day Book of Hours. Colours glow: intense orange, blood red, shrill lime, hot egg yellow, cobalt, soft velvet violet, grass green, pine green, emerald green, prussian blue, jet-black. His figures wear electric purple pants, lemon yellow shirt, fierce viridian and aqua jumpers, pink ties. Cowboys sport complementary coloured neckerchiefs: red and green, blue and orange. Not a hair out of place on their glossy auburn heads. No blue eye is panicked, no mouth grimaces, no expression is perturbed. All Wiszniewski’s decorous characters face adventure - or misadventure - with calm acceptance, as though they know their story is predestined.  

Visit this wonderful exhibition and be captured by the beauty of Adrian Wiszniewski's bold colours.


Albemarle Gallery | 3 Feb - 25 Feb | United Kingdom





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