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80 Girls Project. - Vanessa 1

Artist's comments

This is part of an 80 girls fan art project I'm doing.
Daler Rowney Acrylic Artist Ink
Sable Hair series 22 size 3 brush from Rosemarry and Co
Vellum tracing paper.
Woodless Graphite pencils.
Process. Choose and print reference photo.

Stylistically trace onto the photo with a rollerball pen, focusing on defining shadows and edges.

If you can get over the shock of hearing the words photo, and tracing, in close proximity, I'll explain the thinking.
Proportion and perspective are sort of an important component of making something look right enough to be recognized by non artistic folks who might not share the same tolerance for exaggeration that artist naturally have.
I don't argue the fact that there is a wee bit of cheating in doing this. But for me it's just a template. What comes after the tracing is what's important.

You wouldn't say that someone using a Wordpress templete should give up any ownership of the content of there blog would you.

Normally artist use value, to get from white to black. For this style I find that perfect mid point, or good enough, and make it a hard line. One side is black the other white, with no grays in beween. This gives it a chiseled woodcut look, and a nice contrast-y graphic feeling I am after.

Ok next I trace again in graphite, flip the Vellum over, and use a pen to press the graphite into the sketchbook with another tracing. At this point I have "drawn" The image several times and just like anything you repeat, it guilds up memory. After that it's an ink attack, I just go for it, and If I make a mess well big deal, art's allowed to be messy in my book. It's made by people not robots, and little blotch here or there isn't going to bring the world crashing down.

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