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BOA Videos - Body Of Art (BOA) Competition Winners for Art Below

Artist's comments

BOA partnered with Art Below to find twenty masterpieces by twenty different artists, to feature in our Virtual Gallery shown on a 3-metre screen in Liverpool Street station in April 2011.

BOA's exclusive screening brought a sense of serene beauty akin to a real art gallery to many travelers from all over the world in Capital.

Many congratulations to our winners who became the first artists to showcase their work digitally in one of London's busiest stations, reaching 3 million people.

Andreas Georgio
Scotty Brave 1.
Agneta Dziubek
Michelle Nichols
Daniel Morgenstern
Hannah Biscombe
Rufus Krieger
Charlotte Cory
Oliver Malin
Olga Hoffman
April Bending
William Halbersma
Adeline de Monseignat
Lorraine Clarke
Hara Grivokostopoulou
Susie Mendelsson
Morgan Davy
Greg McLaughlin
Charlotte De Cock
Colin Clarke

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