Brazen Edwards-Hager

Sumi-e - Sumi-e - Crow Perched on Tree

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"Raven in a Tree" is an original sumi-e painting by professional Artist Brazen Edwards-Hager measuring approximately 9.5" x 12.5" (24.13cm x31.75cm) on 140lb Arches rough watercolour paper.

Ravens show remarkable intelligence, and Aesop's fable of "The Crow and the Pitcher" shows that humans have long viewed the raven as an intelligent bird. Over the centuries, it has been the subject of mythology, folklore, art and literature. In many indigenous cultures, including those of Scandinavia, ancient Ireland and Wales, Bhutan, the northwest coast of North America, Siberia and northeast Asia, the Common Raven has been revered as a spiritual figure or god.

Not only have Ravens been known to imitate the human voice, just like parrots but those that have been trained to speak are considered valuable in parts of East Asia, as they are a sign of luck.

This painting has now found a permanent home.

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